Review 1: This is a very interesting book. I enjoyed reading it, and found many tidbits that were fascinating, especially about how people are classified into different types by their appearance, such as facial features, etc. The messages and ideas in the book are very sane, humanitarian, and practical, while also spiritual. I totally agreed with his ideas about meat-eating versus vegetarianism, although he did state in his book that promoting vegetarianism wasn't really his goal; however, I really liked what he had to say about the destructive nature of meat-eating in general, as I have been a vegetarian for many years. I also agreed with the author on many other points; however, the chapters on women and men at times bothered me, because according to the author, I must have a very masculine mind or am a bit of an anomaly. I do think the author has the best interests of women and men, but I'd like to just add that I do not really fit into his perception of women; then again, I don't really get along with most women and don't understand much of society and its members in general, so maybe this is a question that pertains to spirituality and not merely one's sex. I also don't know if it's true that all women are not really sexual at heart. Other than that, I really liked this book and was able to read it in just a few hours because it was so fascinating.
Wendy Koenigsmann

Review 2: This book is confirmation of what SPIRIT is doing all over the World to bring together all people to one MIND. Written from the point of view of an Easterner this book compares Eastern and Western thought and cultureĀ and somehow results in a coming together of the two in many ways. Regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, religion. the lie is that "our problems are caused outside of us" and the Truth is that "truth is hidden in the darkness of the unconscious mind.
Elaborate discussion on these ideas leaves one hopeful that happiness is closer than we think .. it is within our control because it is within us and what we can think up... we can think down. Tips are given to help apply the simple truths that can reshape our lives for the positive. I found particularly fascinating the science of body parts which discusses our body features e.g. the shape of our face, eyes, brows, feet etc. and how they tell the story of our life. The book covers some healthy eating, thinking, massage, breathing, chanting, meditation and other habits that can be a life saver ...and they are free. The practical counsel on relationships, sex, and child rearing is useful for all cultures. At the end of each chapter vital tips for making changes are given. Although many of these ideas are not new, the compilation and presentation ... is unique and highly beneficial. Truly if these ideas are practiced by everyone on a basis our lives and world would be better.

Jacqueline- Lansing, MI. USA